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Myopia Control Calculator

Dr Jeff Goodhew Abbey Eye Care

Dr Jeff Goodhew, Optometrist, Abbey Eye Care

The Brien Holden Vision Institute out of Australia has designed a myopia (nearsightedness) calculator to demonstrate the typical progression of a child with myopia as they grow. The calculator also allows the user to see the effect of various myopia control strategies. The 3 strategies currently thought to be the most effective include Orthokeratology, Multifocal soft contact lenses, and low dose Atropine. The calculator is evidence-based and provides references to back up the control effect of the aforementioned treatment options.

For example, according to the calculator, a child that is 6 years of age with a myopic prescription of -0.50 D is expected to be -7.31 D by the time they are 17 years of age.

The user can then enter the myopia management option of their choice. For orthokeratology, the control rate is 43% so that would reduce the above child’s endpoint prescription at age 17 to -4.38 D.

orthokeratology myopia control

For multifocal soft contact lenses worn during the day the myopia control rate is 49%.

multifocal soft contact lenses myopia control

For low dose atropine, the myopia control rate is 59%.

low dose atropine myopia control

For advice and treatment of myopia, we recommend you have a comprehensive myopia management examination. A series of tests not normally performed during a regular eye exam will be done and appropriate advice and direction will be given afterward. The research in myopia control and management is rapidly changing and each person is unique so treatment options will vary from person to person.

Follow this link to access the myopia calculator.